Naturum and Café doppingen

On the east side of Lake Hornborga you will find Fågeludden. You will find both Naturum Hornborgasjön Hornborga and Café Doppingen here. Several hiking trails also start from Fågeludden. Naturum Hornborgasjön and Café Doppingen are usually open between March and October.

Find your way here

Fågeludden is located just outside the town of Broddetorp, about 10 km south of Varnhem. From here, it is equally close to the three nearest cities Skara, Falköping and Skövde. Only about 20 km.

When you approach Broddetorp, it is signposted towards Naturum Hornborgasjön Hornborga. Brown road signs with the text Hornborga will lead you here. 

Take the train and the bus

Many trains run daily to Skövde and Falköping, from both Gothenburg and Stockholm. The last part of the trip to Lake Hornborga can be done by a rental car, local bus or Västtrafiks Närtrafik.

The bus stop closest to the Naturum Hornborgasjön is called Bolum (Falköping) and from it you can get through 1.6 kilometres of gravel road down to the lake. The bus runs quite rarely. The bus stop is reached by Line 313 from Falköping or Varnhem.

Another way is to use Västtrafiks Närtrafik. There you can order tours at certain times of the day from their local transport stops to any location in the countryside. For example naturum.


At Fågeludden you can visit both Naturum Hornborgasjön and Café Doppingen. At Naturum Hornborgasjön there is always the opportunity to learn something new. If you are hungry, Café Doppingen offers both good coffee and cake, as well as full lunches.

Whatever the time of year, great experiences in nature await you here. Among other things, you can look in in our bird sanctuaries and see bird life at close range. From Fågeludden there are also several hiking trails. 

OPENING HOURS naturum 2024

  • 16 March – 28 April,  daily 10-17
  • 29 April – 9 June, Wednesday – Sunday 10-16 
  • 10 June – 31 August, daily 10-16              
  • 1 September – 27 October, Friday – Sunday  10-16
  • 30 October – 3 November Wednesday – Sunday 11-16

Closed 21-23 June 

opening hours at Trandansen 2024

  • Daily 20 March – 17 April
  • Infocenter open 8-18
  • Birdguides 22 March – 14 April 10-14
  • The mornings is the most beautiful time to see the cranes

OPENING HOURS AT Café Doppingen 2024

  • 16 March  – 28 April, daily 10-17
  • 29 April – 9 June, Wednesday – Sunday 10-16
  • 10 June-31 August, daily 10-16
  • 1 September – 27 October, Friday – Sunday 10-16
  • 30 October- 3 November, Wednesday – Sunday 11-16

Closed 21-23 June