Tents at Hornborga 

Do you want to pitch your tent and wake up at one of Sweden’s best bird lakes? Since the area is a nature reserve, you can only sleep in a tent in certain sites. 


At naturum Hornborgasjön and Café Doppingen it is popular to stay overnight with a campervan/motorhome, but you can also pitch your tent here. It is both beautiful here and close to WCs and facilities.

You will find the tent site at Fågeludden around the lookout building, just follow the board walk. Here you can set up your tent within the fenced area on the mowed lawn. You can pitch your tent from 5 p.m. and have it up till 10 a.m. Then you must take it down.

Next to the tent site there is a barbecue area. Remember to take turns and show consideration to other guests. Use only the firewood you need to cook, don´t make a bonfire. Toilets and recycling point can be found next to the car park and Café Doppingen.

Map over Fågeludden


On the west side of the lake, you can sleep in a tent at Utloppet. You are welcome to pitch your tent on the grass lawn between the parking area and the grilling area. However if it is a wet summer then it may be better to choose one of the other tent sites.

At Utloppet, visitors are offered an easy hike along the road on the embankment that was built in connection with the restoration. Often there are a large number of birds in the area. There is also a bird tower where you will have a good view of the lake.

Picture: White-tailed eagle 

Map over the tent site at Utlopet

Sleeping in a tent at trandansen 

From late March to mid-April, thousands of cranes, geese, whooper swan and ducks collapse at Trandansen on the south-eastern side of the lake.

During that period, it is very popular to stay with your campervan/recreational vehicle. Of course, you should be able to experience the cranes early in the morning even with a tent. Note however that it would be unwise and unsafe to pitch up your tent out among the cars. Therefore we suggest that those with a tent set up in the grassy area right next to Bjurums church.

During the crane season, the Trandansen Info Centre is open. You can learn more about the cranes there.

Map over Trandansen

Rules of the nature reserve

In a protected nature, the right of public access is limited. Rules on how we are expected to conduct ourselves are instead set up for each nature reserve and national park.

At Lake Hornborga, it is forbidden to pitch tents except in  the designated sites that you see above. 

Contact Naturum Hornborgasjön if you have any further questions.