To find a more beautiful location and a more attractive home for a café, you would have to look for a long, long time. At Café Doppingen, located on the eastern shore of Lake Hornborga, in addition to impressive architecture and nature, high-quality meals and pastries also awaits you.


Café Doppingen is located on Fågeludden, near Broddetorp, right next to Naturum Hornborgasjön. The café was inaugurated in March 2017.

Since the beginning of 2019, Café Doppingen is run by Ingrid and Sara Axelsson, a mother and daughter with long experience in cooking and baking. The newest entry on the list of recommended places is e.g. Hällekis Säteri café and restaurant.

“We are anchored in the Västergötland countryside. We cook with real butter, Swedish raised meat, and with locally produced ingredients as much as possible. This place is really a balm for the soul. The beauty and tranquillity, far beyond all alarm. That’s the feeling we want to share with the visitor,” explains Ingrid Axelsson.


At Café Doppingen, everyone is welcome! Inside the entrance, there is a section for those who want to bring their dog, and for those who prefer the fresh air, they can sit down at the outdoor seating on the terrace.

Both from the patio and from the inside of the café, you will have a wonderful view of the lake. The premises are handicap accessible. Read more about accessibility below. 


The menu at the café varies with the day and with the season. Regardless of the day, there are always sandwiches, salads and much more good things in the way of food. The menu often includes soup, salisbury steak with dill-boiled potatoes and a cheese pie called prästostpaj.

One of the chef’s specialties is to always ensure that there is something for those who are vegan or have a food allergy/intolerance. Don’t hesitate to ask the kitchen if there’s anything you’re not sure about.

In addition to meals, there are also lovely pastries baked on site by the kitchen’s own pastry chef Sara. Without hesitation we can say that some of Sweden’s best cinnamon buns are served here!


Café Doppingen is about 550 m² containing a café, office space and an auditorium for films, lectures and conferences. The building was designed by architect Sten Thorsén, PE Arkitekter in Skövde (formerly Arkitekturum AB in Mariestad).

The airy and bright premises are characterised by Nordic materials. The architecture has its origins in Västergötland barns, with reed roofs and wood and limestone in the façade.

The building and land facility has been built by Asplunds Bygg AB in Skövde. The façade panel consists of roughly framed pine which over time will assume a light grey colour.

The thatched reed roof will darken and the building will gradually blend into nature more and more. The reeds were obtained from Poland. This is due to that reeds are not harvested any more in Sweden to any great extent. The roof has been laid by Söderslätts stråtak AB.

Dogs are welcome

Dogs are also welcome to Café Doppingen. There is a part of Café Doppingen where you can sit with your dog. On the stone floor close to the entrence your are welcome to rest your paws and are offered a bowl of water after the hike.

OPENING HOURS AT Café Doppingen 2022

  • 17 March  – 24 April, daily 11-17
  • 25 April – 26 June, Thursday – Sunday 11-16
  • 27 June-14 August, daily 11-16
  • 15 Augusti-27 September, Thursday – Sunday 11-16
  • 1 October- 6 November, Saturday – Sunday 11-16

Closed 25-26 June

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