Cranes and Trandansen

Trandansen is perhaps Lake Hornborga’s most visited place. It is located in the southern part of the lake near Bjurums church. Every spring thousands of cranes can be seen here. You will also find the Trandansen Info Centre here.  Naturum Hornborgasjön is located on the east side.

Find your way here

During a few weeks in late March and early April, thousands of cranes gather in the southern part of Lake Hornborga. The place is called Trandansen, and is located along road 184 between Skara and Falköping. During the spring, green signs with the words “cranes” in yellow text lead you here. You can see where Trandansen is on the map further down on this page.

If you come by car or campervan/recreational vehicle, we charge a parking fee which goes to the cranes’ feed. Read more on the parking page.

Info Centre Trandansen

There are two visitor centres on Lake Hornborga. One is called Naturum Hornborgasjön and is located on the eastern side of the lake. The other is the Trandansen Info Centre.

It is from the Trandansen Info Centre that you see cranes in the spring. You will find an exhibition here, where you can learn more about the cranes and their history by the lake. You can also get answers to your questions, buy a cup of coffee, or purchase a souvenir.

Just when cranes will gather in the spring and when they are here in their greatest number depends a lot on the weather. Opening hours for the Trandansen Info Centre can be found further down on this page.

Take the bus or the train

It is possible to take the bus to Trandansen. Line 203 between Skara and Falköping regularly passes by the area. The bus stop where you are going to get off is called “Trandansen.”

Trains run to Skara and Falköping from several parts of the country. From the station, you can connect to the local bus or continue on with a rental car. 

Unfortunately, there are no buses operating between Trandansen and Naturum Hornborgasjön on the eastern side of the lake.

For bus travel 

Trandansen is located along the national road 184 between Falköping and Skara. The bus parking is one-way in a south-north direction. It is located along the small birch grove in front of the Trandansen Information Centre itself. From there it is about 50 metres to the building.

The parking fee per bus is SEK 130. This is to be paid inside the Trandansen Info Centre. Alternatively, if you have access to the Swish app to number 123 635 79 25 (only for those with a Swedish bank account). All the money goes to the feeding of the cranes.

Contact if you are intrested in guided tours. 

opening hours at Trandansen 2024

  • Daily 20 March – 17 April
  • Infocenter open 8-18
  • Birdguides 22 March – 14 April 10-14
  • The mornings is the most beautiful time to see the cranes

The Trandansen site in the Nature Reserve is open all year round. The nature in the nature reserve is always open. There is never any charge visit it. The opening hours only apply to the Trandansen Info Centre. There is no charge for entry here either.