Fishing is allowed in the reserve, as long as you follow the rules. You can fish between July 16 to the end of Februari, when there is no bird protection at the lake. You need to buy a fishing license and stay within the permitted area. There are different licenses, depending on where you plan to fish. The easiest way to reach the water is by boat. No motors are allowed, not even an electric motor. The lake is shallow and has a lot of underwater plants which can make it difficult to maneuver. In the lake you can fish for example pike, perch, rudd, tench, and roach


Just north of Fågeludden, where Naturum and Café Doppingen are located, you will find Getnäsviken. This area is permitted for fishing with a fishing license, which can be bought at the Hornborgasjöns stugby. Here, you can also get help with a map and information about how to reach the water. It is also possible to rent a boat here as well. 

You will find more information and how contacting them via their website.


On the western side of the lake, there is an outlet to the river Flian. Since March 2021 there is a new fauna passage that will facilitate the migration of fish between Flian and Hornborgasjön.

Downstream of the outlet you can fish all year around even during the bird protection period. As the flowing water rarely freezes, it is a pleasant place for fishing during mild spring winters. 

Note that it is not allowed to fish on the other side of the embankment! To fish in Flian, you need a fishing license which can be purchased through iFiskes website. Children up to the age of 15 do not need a fishing license.


The lake’s largest inlet is the Hornborgaån. Fishing is allowed in a part of the river near the entrance to the lake and the lake area south of Almeö.

You need a fishing license and you can purchase it from Hornborga Skifteslag. You can also rent a row boat here.
Children up to the age of 13 do not need a fishing license.


When the ice has settled, many people are attracted to try ice fishing. You will still need to redeem fishing licenses from the landowners who sell them (See above). Also think about safety before you go out on the ice. Take extra care near inlets and outlets, or running water.

The lake is not very deep: only one meter in many places. It can therefore be difficult to get through with the drill to open water.

During the winter, there is also eagle feeding in the southern part of the lake. Eagles are sensitive to disturbance so please avoid that area.