What about when you visit Lake Hornborga? In nature reserves, the freedom to roam, or the right of public access, is restricted. You can learn here about the rules that apply when you are here in the nature. The rules exist so that the plants, wild animals, birds and humans will be able to enjoy the area here for many years to come.

RULES of Lake Hornborga

Regulations based on Section 10 of the Nature Conservation Act on what the public must observe within the reserve. In addition to regulations and prohibitions in other laws and constitutions, it is prohibited to:

  1. during the period 20 March to 15 July stay within the areas marked on the map in Appendix 1 (see below). Exceptions are specially marked roads, visitor areas and trails. Exceptions also apply in connection with a stay in a hide built by the nature conservation manager according to an established management plan.
  2. during the period 1 March to 15 July stay within the areas marked on the map in Appendix 1,
  3. bring a dog that is not on a leash,
  4. ride on marked hiking trails outside the road area,
  5. make an open fire other than at the designated fixed grill sites areas at Fågeludden, Fäholmen and Utloppet,
  6. disturb wildlife e.g. by climbing nesting trees or closely photographing bird nests, killing or taking away wild mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians,
  7. driving a motorboat or other motorized craft,
  8. driving a motorized vehicle on ice,
  9. set up motor vehicles, tents, caravans or mobile homes other than in specially designated places, arranged tent places are at Fågeludden, Trandansen and Utloppet,
  10. attach a board, placard, poster, sign or similar device,
  11. breaking branches or otherwise damaging living or dead trees and shrubs or digging up plants such as rice, lichens, mosses and herbs.

Where to hike

Large parts of the nature reserve are bird sanctuary areas from 1 March to 15 July. The birds are breeding at the time and people are not allowed there at that time. This applies to the entire lake, its shoreline/beaches and the wetlands with food in the southern part of the lake.

During this period, it is not permissible to leave the hiking trail and go down to the shore. The reason for this is that you risk stepping on bird nests and disturbing the bird life. The border is marked with signs along the lake. On the map of the wildlife refuge reserve you can see the bird sanctuary areas marked with a red-dotted line.

However you can also walk on the hiking trails during the bird protection period. These are marked with black dots on the map of the Nature Reserve. Out in the field, you might also see painted trail posts describing where the trail goes. An exception exists for the trail at Ore backar. This is completely closed between 20 March and 30 April.

where to make a fire

You can only light fires at specifically prepared barbecue sites. These can be found at Fågeludden, Fäholmen and at Utloppet. In all other locations, it is prohibited to start a fire. Even with disposable (one-time use) barbeques.

However you are allowed to use charcoal barbecues with legs and camping stoves in the reserve.

At our grilling areas there is wood to use and grills that are height-adjustable. And remember, always double check that the fire is fully extinguished before you leave.

During dry summers, a ban on lighting fires (open burning prohibition) can also be issued at designated campfire sites.

Do not fly drones

You are not permitted to disturb the birds in the nature reserve. Flying with drones disturbs the birds and scares them. 

There are many rules surrounding drones. There are more information on the Swedish Transport Agency´s website. 

How to bring your dog

As in most nature reserves, you will need to keep your dog on a leash when walking in the vicinity of Lake Hornborga. This applies all year round.

Most of the trails go through pastures. From May to October, there are usually animals there. Grazing animals often find dogs threatening. Therefore this situation can pose a risk to both you and your dog. Therefore, avoid walking with a dog in pastures where there are other animals present.

There is usually no of grazing animals near the naturum by Fågeludden. You can also ask at the naturum if you want to find more areas where there are no grazing animals.

Where to park overnight

If you visit us with a caravan or motorhome we would like you to stay at Fågeludden or Trandansen. You are not allowed to stay overnight at the other parking lots in the nature reserve.

Thank you for following the rules!

Where to put up a tent

You are allowed to sleep in tent here but only in designated sites. There are four designated small areas in the nature reserve. 

  • At Trandansen near the church.
  • At Fågeludden near Doppingen. 
  • At Utloppet, between the parking area and grilling area. 

Allemansrätten, the right of public access

In Sweden, the right of public access the Swedish institution of allemansrätten, the right of public access, prevails. This means that everyone has access to nature. You can swim, hike and camp in the nature. At the same time, there are also obligations associated with this right of public access. In protected nature such as Lake Hornborga Nature Reserve, the right of public access is restricted. Therefore the rules that we have described on this page are the rules that apply. 

Contact us with your questions

Do you have questions about the rules in the nature reserve? Then feel free to get in touch with us.

Send an e-mail to

or phone 0046(0)10 224 50 10



There are nine visitor sites in the Lake Hornborga Nature Reserve. They are illustrated on the map above. Several of the visitor sites have walking tracks and bird towers. 

1. Utloppet

2. Ore backar

3. Trandansen

4. Hångers udde

5. Almeö

6. Ytterberg

7. Fågeludden

8. Bolums lider 

9. Fäholmen