Experience the tranquillity of the shore meadows and enjoy the view of Lake Hornborga. There is a wide range of hiking trails to choose from. All with amazing nature and charm. The lake is large and the terrain varied. Some places are only accessible by the birds and therefore there is no trail around the entire lake.

Our trails

If you are intresting in hiking you will find many options in the Hornborga nature reserve. At this page we have gathered information about our hiking trails. If you are equipped with a smart phone you can use it to see a map while you are walking. 


The trail starts from Fågeludden and Naturum Hornborgasjön. In Bolums Lider, you can hike walk in an old farmland landscape where the trail is lined with stone walls and Bronze Age tombs. The trail is hilly, and offers lovely views.

In the spring, both bumblebees and ordinary bees can be heard buzzing by the flowers of the cherry trees. Between the trees, European green woodpecker and larger woodpeckers can be seen often flying by. Unusual plants such as rock cinquefoil, ground thistle and milkwort also grow here. Parts of the trail form a part of the Pilgrimsleden trail that continues past Heljesgården, which belongs to Västergötland Museum. (Read more further down the page)

Facts about the Bolumleden Trail

  • Length: 3.4 km, about 4,460 steps
  • Terrain: Grazing pastures with slopes
  • Grazing animals: Yes. Often cattle from March to October
  • Level of difficulty: Average
  • Unmissable: Flowering of cherry trees in spring


Want to see birds up close? Then you should get to Fågeludden, where Naturum Hornborgasjön is located. The wide track is suitable for both wheelchairs and prams for those who want to get close to the water. You can see birds all year round here and in the spring, the Eurasian coots build nests right next to the stake.

At promontory at the end of the headland, you will find Utsikten. From the beautiful tower you can look out over the lake. There is also a grilling area here. Then the trail continues with a gravel road that takes you back to Café Doppingen.

Facts about the trail around Fågeludden

  • Length: 0.8 km, about 1,050 steps
  • Terrain: Flat terrain on gravel road or track
  • Grazing animals: Rarely. Only in October.
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Things to experience: Naturum Hornborgasjön, Café Doppingen and bird life

Fågeludden – Ytterberg

Follow the shore south from Naturum Hornborgasjön towards Ytterberg’s headland. The trail runs along rich shore meadows and you pass Ängsladan which serves as a bird sanctuary. Climb the rolling beautiful Vässtorpsåsen. The view from here is breathtaking. In spring, both pasqueflowers and cherry trees bloom here.

On your way out to Ytterberg you pass two bird towers. The trail is not a circular route, so hike as far as you like and then follow your tracks back.

Facts about the Fågeludden-Ytterberg trail

  • Length: 4.7 km or about 6,170 steps (one way)
  • Terrain: Pastures and shore meadows. Partially hilly.
  • Grazing animals: Yes. Cattle and sheep. Most often March-October.
  • Level of difficulty: Average
  • Unmissable: Vässtorpsåsen


The short tour around Ytterberg’s promontory is a moderate excursion that can offer nice bird encounters. The western yellow wagtail are sweeping over your head. The notes of the Eurasian skylark can be heard from the sky. Once out on the headland, you can see from the viewing platform everything from great egret to Northern lapwings.

A shorter part of the trail you walk on a footpath.  Where you in the water near the reeds can see blue field frogs playing in the spring.

Picture: Lapwing

Fakta om leden runt Ytterberg

  • Length: 1.6 km or about 2,100 steps
  • Terrain: Partially hilly.
  • Grazing animals: Rarely
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Unmissable: The view from the viewing platform


Find tranquillity at Almeö. Here, the wings of history feel close. At Almeö, the first traces of human settlements at the lake have been found. People lived here as early as 10,000 years ago. This is also where the first evidence that the dog was taken as a pet was found.


Today, the grazed headland is a place where stillness awaits. There is a bird tower at the old cottage out on Almeö. The trail goes right through the bird sanctuary areas. Stay on the trail, and you can hike here all year round. If it’s a wet summer, you might need to use boots.

Picture: Hiking trail at Almeö 

Facts about the trail around Almeö 

  • Length: 4 km or about 5,250 steps (to the end and back)
  • Terrain: Pastures and shore meadows. Relatively flat.
  • Grazing animals: Yes. Often cattle are present during March-October
  • Level of difficulty: Average
  • Unmissable: Peacefulness


Spring evenings at Hånger’s promontory are unforgettable. Sit down by the old oaks and watch the cranes fly in towards Trandansen. The cries in the air are simply magnificent.

The trail runs in a circular loop through a beautiful and varied landscape. You pass stone walls, pastures and a wetland forest with alder. Halfway through the round you will reach the bird tower where you can look out over vast shore meadows.

For those interested in culture, Hånger’s ancient cemetery is adjacent to the trail. According to legend, this is where Ingold, or King Inge the Elder, was buried. He is said to have been the one who Christianised Sweden.

Facts about the trail around Hånger

  • Length: 3.1 km or about 4,070 steps
  • Terrain: Relatively flat.
  • Grazing animals: Yes. Cattle, usually March-October.
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Unmissable: Spring evenings with cranes

Ore backar

Explore the lush foliage at Ore backar! You walk along a pebble path here that extends into the lake. The deciduous forest is especially enjoyable in the spring when the birdsongs echo here. Then the blue anemones and white anemones also spread out under the trees.

It is also beautiful in the autumn when the deciduous trees light up the landscape with their autumn leaves. The trail goes up to the bird tower on Ore nabb, where you can then turn around.

Picture: Blue anemone

Facts about the trail at Ore Backar

  • Length: 3.5 km or about 4,600 steps (to the end and back)
  • Terrain: Walk through the forest and pasture. Partially hilly.
  • Grazing animals: First part free of animals. Cattle in pastures March-October.
  • Level of difficulty: Average
  • Unmissable: Deciduous Forest


The trail between the parking area and the tower is short, straight and gravelled. It is possible to push a pram or a more durable wheelchair on the trail. The outdoor toilet by the car parking area is adapted for the disabled. It is also possible to reach the first floor of the bird tower with a wheelchair.

Winters when the ice settles over the rest of the lake, the water at Utloppet often remains open. This means that you can to see several birds right here. When spring comes, the black-necked grebe can often be seen from here.

Picture: White-tailed eagle

Facts about the trail at Utloppet

  • Length: 1.3 km or about 1,700 steps
  • Terrain: Flat gravelled road.
  • Grazing animals: No
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Unmissable: Birdlife

The pilgrim Trail

Falköping – Lake hornborga – Varnhem

Wander through a rolling farmland with historical trails. The pilgrim trail takes you past two monastery ruins – one in Varnhem and one in Gudhem.

During part of the trail you hike through the Lake Hornborga Nature Reserve.

Picture: Symbole for the pilgrim trail 

Facts about the pilgrim trail

  • Length: 44 km or about 57,800 steps
  • Terrain: Cultural landscape. Partially hilly.
  • Grazing animals: Yes. Along several of the sections of the nature reserve.
  • Level of difficulty: Difficult
  • Unmissable: Medieval monastery ruins and a rich bird life